Foundation as a Service

Do you want to make a difference but don’t know where to start?
No need to set up your own foundation: We as Groundbreaker give you direct impact– as simple and straightforward as possible, and without having to bear administrative costs.
We offer a free, nonprofit service and act as a matchmaker between you as a motivated donor and small local initiatives in the Global South. Groundbreaker fully supports your efforts while you are contributing to a fairer and more protected planet.

Your support

You want to have a direct impact and know exactly where your money is going. We will find the perfect project for you to support our local partners who know exactly what their communities need.

Holistic projects

Our local partners are running effective and sustainable projects with a holistic approach. They design each project according to the needs of the respective community to achieve maximum impact.

Your support

You want to support educational infrastructure to enable learning in a proper environment or to support reforestation and revive an ecosystem.

Holistic projects

Our local partners are running effective and sustainable projects with a holistic approach. They design each project according to the needs of the respective community, making sure the individual support is as meaningful as possible.

School Before School after

We believe that education shapes our future

Education is directly related to a self-determined future as it awakens untapped potential, strengthens individual talents, and can lift students out of poverty. It is a sustainable tool that does not only help someone for one day but rather a lifetime– we believe that learning never stops and is important at every age.

We believe in holistic climate action

Human-made climate change is a threat to all people and beings on this planet. By implementing reforestation and agroforestry projects in Mexico we aim for the recovery of the ecosystem while preserving biodiversity and supporting the communities’ livelihood.
Plant more than just trees, replenish a whole ecosystem!

Focus Areas


We facilitate the construction of new schools. Our main focus is on addressing the specific needs of the communities and including experienced local partners in the process.
Profound education requires an appropriate learning environment for students. That’s why we renovate old and poorly equipped school buildings or even expand them by complementing new classrooms, playgrounds, or sanitary facilities.
Technology is important not only to enrich education but also to support teachers. Implementing computer labs is an integral part of improving the curriculum to keep students on the cutting edge of technology.


Cultivating trees
Healthy seedlings are the basis for effective reforestation projects. They are grown in a tree nursery that provides the perfect conditions. Diversity is key, that’s why a broad variety of fruit trees, conifers, and shrubs are cultivated.
Planting trees
Local farmers pick up the seedlings and plant them themselves, knowing exactly which trees are needed on their property and where. The terrain in the Chiapas region is often steep or difficult to access, making planting a major effort.
Complimentary activities
In addition to reforestation projects, our Mexican team supports individual complementary activities such as building ponds to collect rainwater or planting flower beds that attract pollinators to complete the holistic approach.

Current projects


Christian Porträt farbig

“At our events, we always see how motivated our community is to give back to society. With Groundbreaker we found a trustworthy charity partner supporting us to make use of the power of our community and possibilities we can create together.“

Christian Jaeger • CEO CloudFest


“Thanks to Groundbreaker we are connected with donors who make it very easy and flexible for us to receive funding for our school.”

Rethabile Mashale Sonibare • School principle of Molo Mhlaba Schools


“I have been looking for a suitable charity project for RNT Rausch for quite some time. We are convinced that problems such as poverty and hunger can only be solved sustainably through education. With Groundbreaker we were able to implement our idea easily and are happy that so many children have access to a new school now.”

Sebastian Noelting • CEO, RNT Rausch

Funding Partners

And many more private donors

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