5 Tips for Successful ESG Reporting

Today we share our 5 most crucial tips to establish sustainable and successful reporting to create the biggest possible benefit for your company and everyone involved:


1  Create an ESG strategy

Get your team on board and decide on the short-term and long-term goals. Make sure you constantly review the strategy and adjust it if needed.

2  Gather information internally

Much information needed to create the report can already be found internally. Get an overview of all ESG-related information.

3  Decide on a reporting framework

There is no right or wrong when selecting your framework. Keep in mind whom you are reporting to and about what exactly.

4  Ensure reliability and transparency in your reporting

Transparency plays a crucial role in ESG reporting. Aim to develop consistent and controlled policies that will permit you to quantify your metrics.

5  Align your ESG report with your business strategy

ESG reporting can benefit your business and give you a competitive advantage with investors, customers, or employees.


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