A Fantastic Year Comes to an End – Thanks for Your Great Support!

The team of Entrepreneurs for Knowledge wants to take a moment to say thank you for turning this year into a wonderful opportunity to provide education for thousands of underprivileged children worldwide.

In 2019 alone, five schools have opened their doors and over 1.100 children now have access to a safe and nurturing learning environment. This gives them the chance to enhance their educational and personal potential.


But it doesn’t stop there. Additionally, a total of nine new school projects were initiated in 2019. Three of them are already under construction and six more will start next year. All this was made possible through the support of various partners from the tech ecosystem, who have committed themselves to support our vision of equal education for all.


A huge THANK YOU for making a difference for all these children, and we encouage you to continue building the foundation of an equitable society.


Cheers to an even more impactful year 2020.