A New Project in Yemen

We’ve got some big news to share!

A new school project in Dharma, Yemen has just started. This project involves expanding and renovating a school complex, the Al-Wafa complex, which holds 942 students. It has been difficult to find trustworthy implementing partners in Yemen, due to the turbulent environment. However, luckily we were able to find a partner organization, Havati Karamati, that helps us to successfully realize this project.

Yemen is known in recent worlds news for experiencing one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises. Since Yemen is a major conflict zone, educating children is difficult: school buildings are destroyed, families are forced to flee their homes, and on top of that, the weather conditions also don’t make a positive contribution to the situation. About half a million students dropped have out of school since the conflict started in 2015.

Al-Wafa is a school complex, that hosts more than 942 primary- and secondary school children from the entire region. However, the complex is not prepared for Yemen’s difficult weather conditions. Additionally, the classrooms are too small to host this big of a number of students. Everything combined, makes this school complex a major health risk for students. That’s why this project is focused on extending and better equipping it. Specifically, this project entails the creation of an additional three classrooms and three bathrooms.

Thanks to our supporting implementing partner Havati Karamati and our two private donors, the students in Dharme have an improved and safer place to learn.