„A Real Crisis With Many Consequences“

You don’t hear much about it in the news, but the general situation in Yemen has become even tenser– since the beginning of the war, there have never been so many deaths as in the last six months. A devastating truth!


Supply chains that provide the country with fuel, water, and other essential supplies are currently blocked. These shortages have fatal consequences for the population– without fuel, there is no electricity, no transportation, and no operation of construction machinery possible.


Of course, these shortages also affect the expansion of the Al-Wafa Complex in Dhamar that started last year in late summer. The lack of electricity and fuel is, unfortunately, slowing down the whole construction process. Dr. Said AlDailami, the representative of our implementing partner Hayati Karamati e.V., has informed us about the current challenges:


“In the months before the total blockade by the Saudis, it was still possible to get hold of fuel on the black market at horrendous prices; now the black market has also been bought dry. A real crisis with many consequences.”


Phew! We are really impressed that the construction work is progressing even under these catastrophic circumstances thanks to the courageous team on site. We can only hope the situation in Yemen will ease up soon.

We are aware that this region might not be on everyone’s list, but if you feel like supporting these communities, it would surely be much appreciated.

Education will be the key to rebuilding the country and empowering the Yemeni people and their future generations. Reach out to us and we will be happy to provide you with more information about possible projects.

The expansion of the Al-Wafa Complex in Dhamar is running slowly but steadily.