Africa and Its Educational Situation

The continent of Africa is known for its high levels of demand for education. It is therefore contradictory to say that meanwhile, Africa faces the highest levels of educational exclusion in the world. Almost 60% of Africa’s youth between the ages of 15 and 17 are not in school. Also, only about 6% of adolescents have the ability to receive higher education. These numbers are striking, since they show that different age groups are hit differently by the limited educational availability. 


On top of that, there is also a major issue in regards to Africa’s educational gender gap. About 9 million girls between ages 6 and 11 will never go to school, compared to 6 million boys. This means that a third more girls will never receive an education than boys.  


Apart from educational exclusion, Africa’s schools are also struggling with a major shortage of basic amenities that contribute to a smooth education. For instance, there is a lack of textbooks and benches, on top of struggling with a general teacher-shortage.  


To allow meeting the encouraging high demands for education and to battle African schools’ amenities shortages, let’s work together! Africa is already slowly on the right track, by increasing the access to education. However, we can do more to boost up educational availability. By building more fully equipped schools in Africa, it will allow more students to receive an education.  


Above, you can see a map of all of our current projects, located in the region of Africa.  


To get a deeper insight into the African students’ experiences, visit this article on Africa Renewal’s website: