Impact As Your Success Factor

You want to do something good. You want to give back to people and the planet by supporting underprivileged children and communities, or endangered nature.

But how exactly? Which project should you choose? Which organization is trustworthy?
We agree that it can be difficult to find the right project to donate to, and that’s why we would like to offer you our support. We are in the privileged position of being able to offer our support free of charge and thus encourage even more people to fund a project.

Our Service


We support you in developing a sound corporate giving strategy by looking at your company values and fields of interest. It´s much more impactful to have a strategic corporate giving plan for the upcoming years than just donating bits and pieces to various organizations.



We have an extensive portfolio of evaluated partner organizations in countries worldwide and would be happy to propose several projects according to your expectations, including a due diligence report.

Fundraising Support

We can help you set up a fundraising campaign with a landing page for direct donations. If you would like to organize events, we can provide you with advice as well as help you with your communication measures and content creation.


We monitor, manage, and transfer the budget for your project. You will be informed about the progress of the project through monthly updates. We also organize an opening ceremony for you to attend with your family, partners, or employees.


After the completion of the project, we will monitor the developments and provide you with regular updates. We remain in close contact with the project even after implementation to ensure its sustainability and longevity.



We select each implementing partner according to high standards to ensure that the money actually reaches where it is needed most.


We provide all the services you need throughout the process. And even better, you get this service for free. There are no internal costs for personnel expenses, research, and planning of the project for you since our overhead costs are all covered.


You can choose from a diverse project portfolio. The projects are scalable according to your possibilities and therefore the budget is also adaptable. Small steps can make a huge difference!


Do good and talk about it! We support you in your communication activities, organize monthly phone calls with your employees involved or create content as needed to let the world know about your contribution to a better future!

The Process – School project

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Choose a project from our portfolio or suggest to us your area of interest, and we will find a suitable school project. This project will receive 100% of your donation.

Guatemala 13


We will send you regular updates on the status of construction work at your school. Stay up to date and follow the progress!



The opening ceremony of a school is a unique experience. You can really look forward to participating in such a great event! We will support you in organizing the occasion and travel.



We keep you informed of improvements through a monitoring and evaluation process to measure the school’s long-term impact.

The Process – reforestation project



Choose a village or community in Chiapas, Mexico, and the tree seedlings will be distributed to the local farmers by our Mexican team. This project will receive 100% of your donation.

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We will inform you regularly about the growth progress of the trees and the positive developments in the respective community.


Capacity building

The planting ceremony in Mexico is a unique experience for you and your employees or family and friends. We will support you in organizing the occasion and travel.

monitor impact


We keep you informed of improvements through a monitoring and evaluation process to measure the long-term impact of your reforestation efforts.


And many more private donors