Support Disaster Relief Efforts in Crisis Regions

Over the past four years, we have built a network of local organizations in 35 countries. Due to their high levels of poverty, these countries are the least resilient. Fortunately, through our network, we are able to act extremely quickly. That is why we have set up a fund where we collect money for any crisis situation that occurs. Immediately passing the money on to our partner organizations supports them with distributing food, hygiene items, or whatever is needed in the communities as part of our school projects.

The coronavirus pandemic has been spreading worldwide and affects everyone personally. But it hits those that have the least possibility to stay safe and healthy the hardest. Through our Emergency Relief, we can support children and families of our schools impacted by COVID-19 through food security and hygiene distribution.
War Zones
The Russian invasion of Ukraine requires special efforts. We raised funds for Voices of Children Foundation, which continuously provide assistance and emergency psychosocial support to traumatized children and families from all over the country who suffered from war operations.
Natural Disasters
In Madagascar, the ongoing drought led to severe food and water shortages, causing severe malnourishment among children, which was climbing at an alarming rate. The unbearable situation there was the reason for us to deliver over 11250 kilos of supplies directly to the locals of the villages there.