EFK Review 2020

Despite the global pandemic and the many changes in everyday life, it was a fantastic year for us. We have prepared a small summary for you:

Each of these schools opened their doors in 2020, with official opening ceremonies postponed until 2021, but even so, the new buildings are already in full operation.

The school were started to build despite Corona. Some construction works were interrupted for a few months, but are now being continued without exception. Each of these schools is scheduled to open in 2021.

These school projects are about to begin construction. We have already been able to match the right donors with the right projects here.

When the pandemic took away livelihood possibilities for many families around our schools, we had to respond. Through the Emergency Relief Fund we were able to support hundreds of families for a few months. A drop in the bucket, but at least a short time to breathe.

For Christmas, we gave companies and individuals the opportunity to directly support small projects. Thus we could help many of our school by infrastructural improvements like school gardens, wells or a school library.

All this would never have been possible without you, so a big thank you! We are looking forward to everything that is still to come.