Emergency Relief – Guatemala: Tears of Gratitude after Distribution of Aid Packages

The Corona Pandemic has serious long-term consequences for many of the families around our schools. While in some countries, the lockdown has been lifted, and families are returning to normalcy as best they can, in some other countries like Guatemala, the need is still great. Here is some background information:


On the 13th March, the first Covid-19 case in Guatemala became known. Since then, the virus has spread rapidly, with about in total 78.000 cases and 3.000 deaths. It led to an absolute emergency in Guatemala. Besides profound health implications due to the lockdown, many people lost their jobs. The families’ breadwinners could not earn enough money to feed their children, and famine is the dramatic consequence in many places.

With the Emergency Relief Fund, we collected donations over the past months to provide care packages for the most challenged families around our projects. This week we received atouching email from Luis, one of our partners on-site in Sololà, Guatemala. He gave us an update about the distribution of the care packages, which happened in August.


The aid packages have helped 170 families with 745 children. Luis underlines that thechildren and families are very much affected by the economic emergency. Their gratitude knows no boundaries. Luis describes that “some people did not stop thanking and others were very moved to tears. Their words were thankful prayers for all donors.” The packages contain beans, eggs, sugar, pasta, corn oil for cooking, corn, milk powder and soap.

Unfortunately, emergency packages are always just a drop in the ocean. They can onlystop hunger for a short time. If we can get enough resources, we can distribute another round of aid packages at the end of September – in the hope that the situation will soon return to normal, and people will be able to work again.

Please help the families in Sololà to get through this challenging time without enduring hunger! Even though the outbreak of COVID19 was a long time ago, we ask you not to forget that many people are still suffering. Your help is needed, and every help counts!

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