Emergency Relief Lebanon: Aid Supplies Are Urgently Needed in Bar Elias, Lebanon

A lot has happened in the last few weeks due to the corona crisis. Schools worldwide have been closed and immense challenges have arisen in poorer countries. Thanks to your generous donations to our Emergency Relief Fund, we have already reached and helped many children and families in Kenya, Lebanon, Niger and South Africa. Today we would like to report about the situation of the tent school for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon in the Beqaa Valley.

At the beginning of the crisis, fear spread quickly because people were confronted with the danger of COVID19. Medical care, especially for refugees, is insufficient in Lebanon and social distancing in a camp situation is almost impossible. That is why our partner Zeltschule e.V. has tried from the beginning to prevent the worst.

The priority at the beginning of the crisis was to equip the camps with prevention packages. In these packages, people were provided with hygiene items such as disinfectants and soap. The teachers taught the children about strict hygiene rules and the potential threat of Covid-19 with the help of WhatsApp videos, graffiti on walls and self-rehearsed theatre plays.

Through the large distribution of hygiene items last week, the camps are quite well equipped. The main problem is the lack of water. At the moment, twice as much water is needed as usual due to basic hygiene. Besides, the food supply is scarce. Lebanon is in an economic crisis and it is becoming more difficult and expensive to get food. We keep trying to help as much as we can.

Unfortunately, food supplies only last for a certain time, and even soap and disinfectants are quickly consumed when used with the prescribed hygiene measures. Almost all projects require distributions of essential supplies at least once a month. Therefore we still need your help.

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