Emergency Relief Peru: An Emotional Thank-You Note

This week, we received an emotional letter in response to a distribution of emergency packages from our partner organization in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru. (translated from Spanish) “Many times we think and talk about poverty, but sometimes few people show solidarity or empathy in difficult situations. In Nuevo Chimbote there are families who have seen their economy affected by the crisis, single mothers who have been left without work, young pregnant women who are afraid to attend their prenatal checkups due to the collapse of the health system, patients with chronic diseases without access to medicine to relieve them, isolated foreigners in our country. The realities are different, but the need is one. Many people are hungry. In times of crisis they were able to eat in soup kitchens that today,because of the pandemic, do not work. Now the need becomes more and more evident as the requests for help does not stop. The people coming to the parish and beg to be included in charity projects because the days pass, and the need is urgent. There are thousands of stories of poverty and although they happen just a few minutes away from the city, they reflect in their own flesh the indifference and laziness of some authorities. But there is always a light of hope, and there is a well-known premise that difficult situationsbring out the best in people. At least that is how it has felt in recent weeks when Entrepreneurs for Knowledge together with all donors has put its shoulder to the wheel by making an important economic contribution to the Maria Estrella del Mar Parish in Urb. Bellamar. The donations allowed the purchase of food baskets for more than 670 people who send their children to our school. The school is closed but offers virtual lessons as one of the few schools. Every 15 days the children receive booklets/printed exercises. Then the teachers contact the children via WhatsApp and discuss all the tasks that they have received It is not the first time that Acronis and all the other donors look towards Nuevo Chimbote. Let us remember that in 2018, we inaugurated the Virgen de las Gracias School, which was built partly with the support given. We are committed and concerned about providing betterspaces and educational opportunities to the inhabitants of the city with fewer resources, offering them not only food but also school materials and the ideal environment to strengthen their educational system. Acronis has never abandoned them, and in different ways always wants to be present and contribute. Today, with the national emergency on our shoulders, the reality is different. The need grows every day for these people living in a precarious economic situation. They do not havethe same opportunity to access health or education and still they fight. To know about these hardships and deficiencies that dozens of families must deal with must be heard by us. It is not easy when there are difficulties in getting food, in maintaining the household economy, it is not easy when we have sick relatives without medicines and without opportunity for medical care. This is the time to demonstrate the true meaning of the word solidarity. Now, children extend their hand to us to hold them and give us one more reason to go on. The first step has already been taken; many families showed their gratitude. Perhaps not with a handshake, or a hug because the protocols prevent it, but with the tranquility, and relief theyfeel at having been heard, and having something to feed their children with, at least for a few days.” Roberth Morales Velezmoro