Entrepreneurs For Knowledge Is Now Groundbreaker

Today, after working on it for quite a while, we’re happy to share our big secret with you:
from now on we are GROUNDBREAKER!





As you probably know, Entrepreneurs for Knowledge was mainly dedicated– and at the same time limited– to social and educational projects in the Global South. For the last year, we have been working in the background on another crucial issue of our time– climate action. Finally, with our concept Foundation-as-a-Service, we can combine both impact areas. Project-based donations, full transparency, simplicity, and efficiency remain, but from now on with the possibility of your own reforestation project as well as a school project.
So don’t worry, we’re not giving up what we’ve been doing until now, we’re just adding to it.



In the upcoming months you will get to know our new field of impact even better as we will keep providing you with information on our social media profiles, as well as in our monthly newsletter, so stay tuned!





For us, it stands exactly for what we are trying to achieve. Every big project starts the same, whether it is the construction of a school or the plantation of a seedling. It always begins with the first cut of spade– the groundbreaking. After this first step, the mission is to pave the way for what’s to come, to build or plant something that is impactful and self-sustainable.
Our new logo is much more simple than the last one, but that’s exactly what we wanted. It makes our mission visible for everyone at first sight: to be a groundbreaker, an enabler, an innovator.






You already know this one and we are staying true to what we have been doing since the beginning: Constructing suitable school buildings and providing access to digital resources. By that, the students get the chance to break the cycle of untapped potential and strengthen individual talents. If all adults completed secondary education, globally the number of poor people could be reduced by more than half.



By implementing reforestation and agroforestry activities in Mexico, your own project helps restore the ecosystem, preserve biodiversity, and support the community’s livelihood. Reforestation projects are an impactful contribution because trees can store CO₂ and thus offset our environmental impact. Let’s fight human-made climate change together!


This is your chance to act: Start now because every school built and every tree planted makes a difference! Become a groundbreaker yourself.


That’s our biggest announcement so far, follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.
Thank you for your support and stay tuned as our journey is to be continued!