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Human-made climate change is a threat to all people and beings on this planet unless we keep global warming well below 2°.
The world is still far from meeting the Paris Agreement’s goal of achieving zero global CO₂ emissions by 2050. Concentrations of greenhouse gases have reached new highs in recent years, which have been among the warmest on record.

Reforestation projects are an impactful contribution because trees themselves store CO₂, but they also transfer a significant amount into the soil, where it is retained and can remain for thousands of years. 

Start now because every tree makes a difference!

Focus Areas

Cultivating trees
Healthy seedlings are the basis for effective reforestation projects. They are grown in a tree nursery that provides the perfect conditions. Diversity is key, that’s why a broad variety of fruit trees, conifers, and shrubs are cultivated.
Planting trees
Local farmers pick up the seedlings and plant them themselves, knowing exactly which trees are needed on their property and where. The terrain in the Chiapas region is often steep or difficult to access, making planting a major effort.
Complimentary activities
In addition to reforestation projects, our Mexican team supports individual complementary activities such as building ponds to collect rainwater or planting flower beds that attract pollinators to complete the holistic approach.

Our holistic approach

Growing seedlings

Our implementing partner Tu Bosque runs its own tree nursery in Chiapas, Mexico. It has the capacity to grow one million seedlings per year. When the rainy season in Chiapas starts, which is around the end of May and the beginning of June, the seedlings have usually grown enough to be planted in nature.

Farmers as planters

The seedlings are distributed to various local communities, who then plant them on their properties. The close cooperation with the farmers ensures that, for example, water availability for tree maintenance is settled. Our local team supports the communities whenever needed.

Empower communities

The stable economic situation and the independence of the farmers as well as the longevity of the project are enhanced by free courses and workshops.

Monitor impact

Each family or community that receives seedlings is registered and monitored by our local team to track long-term development. Apart from tree growth, the monitoring focuses on improving soil quality. This is crucial for its capacity for storing CO₂ and growing healthy trees with a long lifespan. As long as trees are not burned or die, their wood remains stored for CO₂ even after being cut.

Our local team

Plant more than just trees, replenish a whole ecosystem

We believe it’s essential to pay attention to the bigger picture. Our approach is to go full circle since in a healthy ecosystem all components affect each other in a beneficial way. This way our projects create livelihood and abundance not only in nature but for all animals and people involved. The results include fertile soil, stored water reserves in the ground, a stable economic situation for the farmers and the local community, and preserved biodiversity. As holistic and sustainable as possible to create the biggest positive impact.

Frequently Asked Questions


An effective measure to counteract climate change is to plant trees and support reforestation projects. Not only can trees store CO₂ for their lifetime and even longer if they are not burned but cut, they also transfer a significant amount into the soil which can store even bigger amounts for a longer time. Reforestation projects also improve the soil quality, which increases the CO₂ storage capacities.

Agroforestry proposes to restore the interactions in a natural ecosystem, using the people, culture, economy, and ecology of the local environment as a basis. It is based on the complementarity and diversification of species so that the ecological niches are covered to create resilient systems in nature.

We currently focus on Chiapas, Mexico but are ambitious to widen our area of impact to other states of Mexico and other countries in the future.

We work closely with our Mexican partner organization “Tu Bosque”, a team of local experts who maintain high standards of sustainable reforestation and respect and nurture the communities’ needs as well as the environmental conditions.

Every family or farmer is planting the seedlings on their own property. Together with the community arrangements for maintenance are made, for example, the availability of water for dryer periods.

Yes, it is possible to attend a planting ceremony or visit the project afterward.

Every farmer or community member who is receiving seedlings is monitored, which means that their name, as well as the village, are documented. 10% of every donation batch is monitored long-term to get an accurate impression of the growth and condition of the individual plant.

It’s all about emissions and the motto is: determine, reduce & compensate. View our guideline for tips on how to determine your private or corporate emissions and where to reduce them.