Ghana 2, Tetrefu

Ghana 2, Tetrefu

The Ghanaian government has recently introduced free tuition, which has helped boost student enrollment. Previously, many families in this region could simply not afford to send their children to school as they often had to choose between food or school fees. Whilst this is a great governmental initiative, it has brought forward several challenges. For instance, the current infrastructure isn’t set up to cater to so many students, which is an urgent need that needs to be addressed.

Bath House and Laundry Area for the Boys Dormitory

3-6 Months


One Child Ghana

The construction of a new bath house and laundry area at the girl’s dormitories of the Tetrefu ICCES Training Center is much needed and will bring several benefits:

  • Students currently use bathrooms that can take up to 3 students at a time. This creates a huge bottleneck, meaning that many arrive late to class. The new bathhouse will allow up to 18 students at a time, creating huge efficiencies.
  • The proposed bath house also includes a laundry area allowing students to wash and dry their clothes comfortably and securely.
  • A new bathhouse will also enhance the school’s hygiene facilities, which will encourage many more students to enroll.

The bath house will directly benefit all 154 male students who lodge on site as well as the general school population who will be able to take advantage of the facilities. There are 246 students currently enrolled at Tetrefu ICCES Training Center.

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