Haiti, Dois Bois Rouge

Haiti, Dois Bois Rouge

Haiti is currently in a time of challenge and crisis. The country has faced deepening instability since the assassination of its president in July 2021. As the country works toward stability, it is of the utmost importance that education in Haiti continues to develop and support the country’s next generation of leaders. In Haiti’s rural and rugged Central Plateau, where the implementing partner, Summits Education, operates a network of 40 primary schools, getting students into formal education from an early age is a challenge. Across Haiti, only 22% of students receive formal preschool or kindergarten level education before starting primary school.

Outfitting a Preschool/Kindergarten Classroom in Haiti’s Central Plateau

3 Months


Summits Education

This project will support the outfitting of a preschool/kindergarten classroom at the newly constructed Ecole Communitaire Foyer Divin-Platanale. The classroom outfitting project includes the purchase of locally made preschool/kindergarten tables/chairs, educational toys (blocks, shapes, balls), art supplies (paint, paint brushes, easel, crayons), a radio, and classroom posters. These materials will contribute significantly to helping the preschool/kindergarten teachers to create a welcoming environment for learning, in turn promoting the importance of early childhood education in the Central Plateau.

The current enrollment at Ecole Communautaire Foyer Divin-Platanale is 195 students with 7 teachers and 2 administrators. The preschool/kindergarten class has 25 students. The materials purchased will be used for several years and will impact and support hundreds of preschool/kindergarten students over the usage period of the materials.

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