Happy Easter!

Time flies – while we still have some Christmas sweets in our kitchen drawers, we already celebrate Easter this weekend.

We thought it’s an excellent occasion to find out how Easters is celebrated in different countries worldwide. What do people do in Guatemala, India, or Nigeria? What are their local traditions? Let us take you on a quick journey around the world to check out some Easter traditions.

1. Guatemala Besides lots of parades, people in Guatemala also decorate their city: They block off streets and create colorful and intricate carpets made from sawdust with Easter messages, pictures, and patterns. Many hours are spent creating these beautiful carpets, but they only last for a short time though, as they are destroyed when the processions walk all over them.


2. India In a diverse country like India, the Easter celebrations are just as various. Depending on the region and the main religion in an area, festivities also differ: Family dinner or breakfast, parades, reading from testaments. In the North-East state of Mizoram, the Salvation Army is involved with its band waking up the people of Mizoram in the morning. The Christians fast in tribute to Jesus Christ and the life he sacrificed for his people. Regular church services occur, and people dance and enjoy local folk tunes, celebrating Easter with much love.  It is more of a community festival in Mizoram where all gather in one place and celebrate Easter.

3. Peru While in many countries Easter is primarily celebrated on Easter Sunday, in Peru, the entire week leading up to it is a festive celebration. Holy Thursday and Friday are national holidays, so students and workers can rest from work and spend time with loved ones.

Holy Thursday is also an important day: Priests in many cities and communities will wash the feet of 12 older people. This represents Jesus washing the feet of the 12 apostles. 4. Nigeria Nigeria is one of the African countries that brings festival vibes to Easter. Not only the churches but also streets and parks are packed with people. 

Igbo people living in Southern Nigeria have a distinct masquerade dance called Mmo, where young men dance in colorful costumes and masks to commemorate their ancestral spirits. Besides, many churches and houses get decorated with palm branches. It refers to Palm Sunday, which is when Jesus entered Jerusalem to bring peace.

5. Ghana As in almost every country, there are several different ways to spend the Easter week and weekend in Ghana. While some people use it to have a party at the beaches, others attend church on Good Friday, often the only time during the year. What is essential in Ghana is Palm Sunday. Various church congregations celebrate it with processions through some principal streets. There are parades where people wave palm branches and handkerchiefs and sing “Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!”.


How do you celebrate Easters, especially now during the still ongoing COVID-Pandemic? Are there family traditions that you still follow?