Indonesia: Turning an Unsafe Bamboo Construction into a Safe, Proper Learning Environment

Eventhough COVID is still keeping the world on its toes, our projects continue.

All the happier we are to be able to report on a very special new project today.

Our funding partner Hostinger and its subsidiary Indonesia Niagahoster are fortunate to build a school in the country in which they have offices themselves. What an amazing opportunity to be up close to the school and see its impact. With the help of our implementing partner Happy Heart Indonesia (HHI), 88 children in Sumba, Indonesia, will receive education in a safe school building.

Until now the children in the Wali Ate Middle School in Sumba Barat Daya were educated in an unsafe bamboo construction that lacked proper building structure or ceiling, which means classrooms are exposed to weather conditions. How are children suppose to study under this conditions? Fortunately this will stop soon as three earthquake resilient and fully equipped classrooms and two additional toilet blocks will be built.


This donation will help to improve the quality of education of the Wali Ate school and students in Sumba. Sumba is part of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), made up of over 550 islands, and is considered one of Indonesia’s most impoverished and underdeveloped regions. More than 4.6 million people call NTT home, and 22.19% are children age 0-9 years. The average income per household is USD 40 per month, and the main occupation is subsistence farmers. Most homes typically do not have electricity, running water, or adequate sanitation. People must haul water from long distances, and many children lack the opportunity to have early childhood education or go beyond primary school.


Wali Ate school was founded in 2015 through a community initiative to provide access to education for 300 students from elementary to senior high school level. Located in Wewewa Barat, a community in Sumba Barat Daya, Sumba Island. The school is only one out of three public high schools in the district, serving 11,500 community members. However, the infrastructure and supporting facilities in this school are profoundly concerning. So far, teachers and students have conducted their learning activities in small emergency classrooms with minimal and broken furniture and without proper sanitary facilities.

During this pandemic, students must have proper, comprehensive space classrooms and clean toilets with flowing water to stay healthy and safe and to encourage hygienic behavior.

Happy Hearts Indonesia had begun to assist Wali Ate School since 2019 by reconstructing two elementary grade classrooms, four toilets, and a library from various partners.

After construction is completed HHI team in Sumba will conduct WASH training for the students and teachers. Through this, HHI ensures that everyone at school remains safe and healthy, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Disaster readiness training for all students and teachers is another training HHI delivers as part of its commitment to building disaster-resilient schools in earthquake-prone areas in Indonesia. This training will help the school to act confident and accurate in case of disaster. Both trainings are held and reviewed regularly once a year by our on-site team.

Other additional programs include teacher and school management training and literacy courses for the students. These programs will run for five years to guide each school toward self-sustainability.

Groundbreaking took place, and we can’t wait to see this school take shape and open its doors. The inauguration ceremony for this school is sure to be lively and well attended thanks to Hostingers subsidiary on site. We will keep you posted!