Kenya, Mombasa

Kenya, Mombasa

Like other countries in East Africa, Kenya has suffered greatly from the one-two punch of Covid-19 and the cost of the living crisis caused mainly by the war in Ukraine. Likoni is a poor area of Mombasa where families live on day-to-day earnings without secure jobs, and there is a high level of unemployment. The lockdowns and curfews associated with Covid meant that many could no longer go out to work, and what meager savings the families had were gone. It has meant that many of our pupils’ families can no longer afford enough food. This project will ensure that, for the foreseeable future, they can at least rely on nutritious school lunches.

Equipping the Likoni High School Kitchen

1 Month


Hope Children’s Centre

The construction of Hope High School has recently finished, and the school will open as enough teachers have been found to be employed. Part of the construction was a school kitchen to provide school lunches for the students. However, the kitchen is not fully equipped yet. Therefore, this project aims to equip this kitchen with stoves, all the necessary cooking utensils and materials, plus eating utensils such as plates and cutlery.

The school will start with a class of around 30 pupils. Within the next years, the school’s capacity will be 120 pupils (plus staff), all of whom will be offered lunch at the school every day. All goods and produce will be locally sourced, and a local cook will be employed to take care of preparing the children’s lunches.

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