Madagascar Hunger Crisis

Sometimes Heartbreaking Circumstances Require Special Measures


You may have stumbled across the current hunger crisis in southern Madagascar on the news the other day. The ongoing drought led to severe food and water shortages affecting over one million people and causing malnourishment among children which is climbing at an alarming rate.


Although we are usually focussing on long-term developments such as the construction of schools we decided to provide resources, as the situation there is maddening and intolerable. Together with Gems of Madagascar, the Acronis Cyber Foundation, and the Vakinankaratra region we were able to deliver over 11250 kilos of supplies directly to the people who needed it most.


On this note, we want to especially thank Santatra and Benja who are both Gems of Madagascar employees and have taken on this long and dangerous journey accompanied by their truck driver, two soldiers, and two policemen. It took them eight days traveling from the North of the country to the South while battling flat tires, mechanical issues, dirt roads, being stuck in the mud for four hours, robbed and attacked by bandits – what an odyssey!

Luckily after overcoming all these hurdles, they finally made it to the villages of Antanandava and Anivorano. All of the 450 families received 28 kilos of supplies each, which will at least help them survive for another couple of weeks.

Santatra himself was touched by this mission deeply. Seeing skinny and malnourished kids and their parents who can only eat twice a week makes him mad:

“Madagascar is my country and I feel hurt realizing that other Malagasy people are starving to death. And they need to hide and constantly live in fear of the Dahalo (Malagasy bandits). They live in a terrible environment to raise children.”