Madagascar, Morarano

Madagascar, Morarano

Madagascar is a country with a low education rate due to poverty and other factors. According to UNESCO, approximately 35% of students have attended school since 2020. The enrollment rates have been falling significantly since 2010 due to the lack of infrastructure, and the existing infrastructure, which is mostly dilapidated. These infrastructure problems in schools not only affect academic performance, but also infringe on the rights to education, as well as the rights to safety and health of students and teachers. The effects of poor infrastructure in schools can also be seen in learners’ drop out rates and low-teachers retention rates.

Refreshing old buildings and providing school materials

1 Month


Gems of Madagascar

To support the Morarano students, the local partner proposed to renovate the school complex. More specifically, the project involves refreshing the doors and windows of the older buildings in the school complex to make sure they are more weather resistant. Furthermore, this project will invest in more books for the library, new printer for the computer lab to print out worksheets, and other lessons. Ideally, the project would also provide the school with a basic laptop to use for kids, who are 7 years old or younger to teach them counting, letters, numbers, and other lessons from the web.

All of the children, teachers, and future students at the school will benefit from this project. Currently, there are 339 students at the Morarano school who will be impacted by the renovation and provision of school materials.

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