Malawi 2, Mzimba

Malawi 2, Mzimba

According to the World Bank, “the single most important determinant of school enrollment and attendance is the proximity of a school.” In a country like Malawi, evidence shows that the farther children are away from school, the less likely they are to attend. Distance to school is a particular challenge for students in Sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 1 in 4 primary school children live more than two kilometers away from the nearest school.

Tchova Masambilo (Ride for Education) Targeting Two Secondary Schools

2 Months


Centre for Youth and Development (CYD)

This project focuses on the mobility constraints faced by young people in accessing educational facilities, particularly boys and girls in rural secondary education. The project will support procurement and delivery of 30 bicycles to 2 community day secondary schools (Jombo and Ezondweni) , located in Mzimba North. Bikes will be allocated to 30 students (15 from each school) on a rental basis. The students who will be identified will be those walking over 8 kilometers and those at risk of dropping out of school due to the long distance. Consequently, the project hopes to decrease the dropout rate of secondary students and to provide a better starting position for a better livelihood after finishing school.

Overall, the project is anticipated to benefit a total of 30 students annually, giving them another chance for education and allowing them to complete their education by addressing the core challenge of mobility to school.

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