“Many Companies Want To Have An Impact– And We Will Inspire Them To Finally Do So”

A new year and a good occasion to take you behind the scenes of EFK and dive into our values and DNA a little deeper. And who better to ask than Leoni Rossberg, our co-creator, and Head of Program:


What aspect was particularly important to you when you co-founded EFK three years ago?

There were two main aspects. First, to give local organizations in the Global South access to funding for their projects. Local communities know best what they actually need and how a project needs to be designed. Secondly, to create a service that motivates companies and individuals to support social projects. A service that takes away all the reasons for why people don’t get active, like lack of time or trust. Everything is as simple, direct, and efficient as possible.

What sets EFK apart from other non-profit organizations? What is its superpower?

I believe we can make donations a unique experience rather than simply a funding transaction. With our concept “Foundation-as-a-Service” we are pretty unique in our role as an intermediary between local projects and corporate or private donors. Even with our small team, we can create a win-win situation for everyone involved. The best part– our administration costs are covered and therefore 100% of the donations reach the projects.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Phew, so much! I really enjoy the creative freedom and our ability to act quickly. We also interact with wonderful organizations in different parts of the world daily, and I learn so much from that. And, of course, the motivation and commitment of the donors to generate a real impact. Suddenly being so interconnected with the tech world is a whole new experience. And obviously working with our small and fantastic team.

What will 2022 have in store for EFK?

​​I genuinely believe 2022 is going to be great! I hope we can be part of many events, meet new people, explore new bubbles and bring joy through supporting social projects. Many companies want to have an impact– and we will inspire them to finally do so.

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?


The last few years have been shaped by great women with strong voices, who keep pushing us to check our own privileges and to recognize the systems and thought patterns in which we have grown up. The list would be extremely long, a few icons that inspire me again and again: Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, Lizzo, Waad Al-Kateab, Tupoka Ogette– just to name a few.

Leoni has worked in many crisis regions around the world. Here she is working as a team lead in the field of Protection in a refugee camp in Ioannina, Greece.