New School Project: Renovation of the Baumgartsbrunn School, Namibia, has started

The good news continues: the renovation of a school in Baumgartsbrunn, Namibia, has been initiated! The school is a boarding school, which means that 200 students and teachers stay and live in the school during the school year. The majority of the students are from the Damara (Khoikhoigowab) language group. Namibia is home to a wide diversity of languages and the Khoikhoigowab language group makes up only 11% of the total population, they belong to one of the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in Namibia.

The renovation of the school is sorely needed and fortunately, we have found a private donor in cooperation with Acronis who wants to support the school with our implementing partner Pen Paper Peace e.V. A big problem is especially the ceiling, which is not well isolated. Classrooms become very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Furthermore, repairs and safety precautions like sirens, fire extinguishers, water heaters will be installed and daily use equipment like plates, cutlery, printer, and laptop for the student library will be bought. And another wonderful construction will be implemented: a playing and resting area.


This is amazing, because the school is a boarding school, as described. The children and teachers spend a huge amount of time here and the new area gives them the opportunity to play or just relax.

This project is very important to us because unfortunately, the school has been in danger of closure several times. A lack of resources has repeatedly lied to the school getting into this precarious situation. If the school had to close, the children would be even more dispersed in a country that is scarcely populated outside the cities and has limited possibilities for children from poor economic backgrounds.


So we are happy to contribute since this great school project enables 200 students to learn for life, gaining more opportunities and support in an appropriate learning environment. We will keep you posted about the construction process!