Niger, Kollo

Niger, Kollo


Niger currently ranks last among 189 countries on the United Nations Education Index, with only 38% of children attending primary school and 11% attending secondary school. The estimated literacy rate in Niger is 35%. Among the 15-24 population, less than 25% of girls are literate, and while 66% of girls are enrolled in primary school, only 31% attend. These statistics highlight the dire circumstances facing girls in Niger and the need to invest in girls’ education across the country. Without access to education, many girls in Niger lack opportunities to improve their lives and lift themselves out of poverty. In addition, technology is a critical field for both education and employment, as computer skills are highly sought after for employment globally.

Resource Center at Kollo Girls School

9 Months


Remember Niger Coalition

To support girls in Niger with their education and employment, the local partner proposes to construct a technology resource center at the Kollo Girls School. This resource center will provide essential technology exposure to girls, beginning in primary school. Making technology integral to their education will position the school to be providing a top-tier educational opportunity for the girls in the Kollo region.

The Kollo Girls School currently has 35 students enrolled and plans to add 30 students annually. Over a five-year period, the Resource Center will directly impact 320 girls in primary school. Through the Girls Advancement Program, the local partner conducts outreach to families to encourage them to send girls to school and demonstrate the value of girls’ education to their families. This case is made stronger by access to the Resource Center, which lays the groundwork for teaching in-demand skills.

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