Niger, Niamey

Niger, Niamey


Niger currently ranks last among 189 countries on the United Nations Education Index, with only 38% of children attending primary school and 11% attending secondary school. The estimated literacy rate in Niger is 35%. Among the 15-24 population, less than 25% of girls are literate (UNICEF), and while 66% of girls are enrolled in primary school, only 31% attend. Niger has an endemic cycle of under-enrollment, poor educational outcomes, and under-resourced schools – which lack physical investment, materials, and often capacity to deliver high-quality education.

Latrines at the Koira Kano School

3 Months


Remember Niger Coalition

This project is aimed to fund the construction of four latrines at the Koira Kano School. Currently, this pre-k and primary school serves more than 300 students with only two latrines available, which is not sufficient for the size of the population. This project consists of building four latrine stalls, two latrines will be dedicated to the girls who attend the school, and two latrines will be dedicated to the boys in the school. The girls’ and boys’ stalls will be separated by 20 meters.

Beneficiaries include the 300 students attending Koira Kano pre-k and primary school and the school’s teachers and support staff. Access to latrines generally encourages girls to remain in attendance, as they learn that they are able to stay in school once they begin their menstrual cycles. We anticipate that these latrines will continue to impact the hygiene and sanitation of all students but will play an especially vital role in girls’ enrollment, attendance, and subsequent performance.

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