Official School Opening in Laos

We are glad to announce that the Dong Na Kham Primary School was officially opened on December 10, 2019. 115 excited school children can now study in safe and convenient classrooms. The school was sponsored by Acronis and the construction of the school was implemented by Child’s Dream Foundation.

The school opening ceremony was held outside in the sunshine, and it brought together children, teachers, village elders, local authorities, international guests from business partners, and the media. The children wore their school uniforms, carried beautiful flowers with them, and performed traditional dances.

All came together to celebrate the amazing opportunities the new Primary school in Dong Na Kham village offers. Finally, all children can study in safe classrooms. The old school building was not useable anymore because there was a risk of structural collapse.

Therefore, the construction of a new school was strongly needed, and we are content that all 115 children no longer need to be exposed to a potential risk. The new school building has five spacious classrooms and four gender-disaggregated bathrooms.


The school principal, Outhone Sayasith, was very pleased that the school could finally open its doors. He said, “The school will not only provide convenience for teachers but also encourage students to come to school and pay more attention to their study”.

This is important because education is the key to break out of the cycle of poverty and it is essential to change someone’s life. The children in Dong Na Kham School will be empowered to create a better future and will gain the necessary tools to do so in school.

Considering that the village is electricity-secured, we hope that with the help of Acronis the school will be supplied with computers so that children can explore and improve their IT skills and discover the opportunities of the internet.

During the construction process of the school, there was a close cooperation with the community that will also continue into the following years. The school children were excited and filled with joy during the opening ceremony, because already at a young age they are keen on learning.


We are looking forward to report about this great new school in the following months!