One Year Later: School in Cambodia in Balance Between Ludic Learning and Arousing School Classes

This is Prei Changa Primary School. It was built by Child´s Dream in 2018 through the generous support of Acronis. The community including its school children, celebrated the School’s Opening in December 2018. Since then the principal, teachers, as well as the local community, worked hard to preserve their school’s infrastructure and to increase the quality of their courses. They strongly committed to the vision of an arousing and sustainable learning environment.

Now, 592 students attend classes in Prei Changa Primary School and 12 teachers are hired at the school. As the teachers offer highly needed education, the number of students is still increasing.

In addition to everyday school life, the community built a road to the school’s building so that its access is easier. Furthermore, they maintain their school building very well.

Children do not only enjoy learning in the colorful classrooms, they also like playing outside at the playground. This is important because it keeps their spirits in balance between theoretical courses and ludic romping around. You can clearly see that for them, school life is a pleasant, and promoting part of their life. We are excited to observe the further development of the school and its children.