Opening of New School in San Antonio, Sololá, Guatemala

Entrepreneurs for Knowledge together with the Acronis Cyber Foundation and Cloudfest have opened a new school in San Antonio, Sololá, Guatemala.The Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta San Antonio will provide a quality educational environment, including free education and uniforms for 525 children.


The Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta San Antonio is a school center consisting of one pre-primary, one primary, and two secondary schools. Previously, the 525 students in attendance shared 10 classrooms, leading to significant overcrowding. From now on, the school will have fifteen classrooms that will provide educational services to students, a break room for teachers, and a kitchen. The new construction will ensure smaller class

sizes and allows more space for the high-demand classes. Funds for the construction of Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta San Antonio were raised by the Acronis Cyber Foundation and CloudFest.

In addition to the new construction, CloudFest presented four laptops to the two secondary schools to help the students in participating in computing and graphic design classes.

The school’s Committee of Parents sent its official application to Esperanza e.V. and asked for an extension to the building. Three additional classrooms were built to create an adequate learning environment. The new construction will ensure smaller class sizes and allows more space for the high-demand classes. To foster local ownership of the school building project, parents and the village committee are involved in the construction.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony took place on October 18th, 2019. Over 400 students and parents attended the event. All guests from the local community wore colorful traditional clothes, and luckily it was not raining.

A full program with speeches from local politicians, school principals, teachers and representatives of our main funding partners Acronis and Cloudfest was prepared. In between, a couple of students performed dances and sang traditional songs in national costumes. After the ribbon to the new classrooms was ceremoniously cut, the children got very excited and jumped happily through the new rooms. Afterwards Tamalitos, a traditional cornflour dish and lentil soup was served for the whole community. This event gave a great insight into the life and traditions of the local community.

“It was important to design the new classrooms with the students in mind. It´s not just about a safe learning environment, but also about a space where the teachers have the opportunity to provide their students with a quality education.” said school architect Luis Alberto Palacios.

Future Outlook:

In 2020 we want to support more projects in the Sololá region.

The need of education in Guatemala’s rural areas remains high. Only with the access to education these young and motivated children can learn the skills needed to break the cycle of poverty. Enhanced school infrastructure lays the foundation for a proper learning environment. Besides, we want to support these school with the implementation of computer classes. With the help of computers, access to internet and learning platforms the quality of education is improved and the children learn new skills essential for a brighter future.