Our Concept

Foundation As A Service

A lot of people want to make a difference in the world, reduce inequalities, and support nature, but don’t know where to start. At the same time, there are many small initiatives that do great work but don’t receive funding because no one knows about them– and that’s where we come in. With our Foundation as a Service concept, we make doing good simple and straightforward! Local projects, full support, and high involvement– this is more than just a simple donation. We make sure you no longer have excuses not to get involved.

Don’t be late to the party!

The most important advice we give companies is to develop and implement an individual and, above all, long-term Corporate Giving Strategy. For it to be successful, a few key questions need to be clarified right at the start: What results do you expect from your CSR strategy? Which cause motivates your employees? What is the annual budget? What are the fundamental values of our company? Answering these and other questions is crucial to finding the path to your perfect strategy that in the end will have the biggest possible benefit for everyone involved.

We strongly believe that you don’t need to establish a foundation within your own company– it’s much more efficient to draw on the expertise and infrastructure of an existing (non-profit) organization that already provides the connections, tools, and knowledge to make a real difference!
Are you interested in learning more about what a sustainable and successful donation strategy could look like for your company specifically? We are happy to provide you with more information or a workshop for you and your employees!

Our Service


We support you in developing a sound corporate giving strategy by looking at your company values and fields of interest. It´s much more impactful to have a strategic corporate giving plan for the upcoming years than just donating bits and pieces to various organizations.


We have an extensive portfolio of evaluated partner organizations in countries worldwide and would be happy to propose several projects according to your expectations, including a due diligence report.


We can help you set up a fundraising campaign with a landing page for direct donations. If you would like to organize events, we can provide you with advice as well as help you with your communication measures and content creation.


We monitor, manage, and transfer the budget for your project. You will be informed about the progress of the project through monthly updates. We also organize an opening ceremony for you to attend with your family, partners, or employees.


After the completion of the project, we will monitor the developments and provide you with regular updates. We remain in close contact with the project even after implementation to ensure its sustainability and longevity.

Where your donation goes


How we assure sustainability

We have a wide network of local, accredited implementing partners worldwide. All projects are uniquely designed according to the needs and challenges of the specific environment.

Guiding Principles

Groundbreaker supports funding partners to increase education, opportunities, and holistic climate action worldwide.

We are committed to basing our work on these principles:

By involving both communities and donors, we ensure the best possible collaboration and project outcome.

To achieve the greatest possible impact, we are constantly evolving to fulfill our mission.

We publish a detailed financial statement in our annual report. The statement shows that 100% of every donation is directly benefitting the projects.

We value a good working relationship with our funding and implementing partners and involved parties.

We take responsibility for our decisions, use of resources, and actions through a careful selection process of local partner organizations.