Our New Field Of Impact

We are excited to be able to encounter a new field of impact: elderly care!

Together with our donor Cureus GmbH and our implementing partner “Uganda Reach the Aged Association”, who share the same vision, we are supporting our very first health and community center in Kampala, Uganda!

Learning never stops and is still important also at an older age. Unfortunately, elderly people are often marginalized or forgotten in many communities. This is why health and community centers can play a crucial part in educating, including, and nurturing this vulnerable age group, providing professional care and much-needed safe space. Poverty in old age, health problems like dementia or arthrosis accompanied by poor medical care and little support from their own overburdened families are some of the factors that lead to poor quality of life.

Elderly people are equally deserving of our attention and support and luckily we are now able to improve the lives of many individuals. Our project in Kampala will provide health care and physical therapy as well as nutritional counseling, social assistance and legal counseling, employment agency assistance, lifelong learning, arts, and cultural programs.

A great start that will hopefully be followed by many more projects. If you or your company is interested in supporting elderly care, please reach out to us, and together we can find a project that is tailored to your needs!