Peru 1, Nuevo Chimbote

Peru 1, Nuevo Chimbote

Chimbote, like the entire northern coastal area of Peru, is a city in a completely desert area. Often there is no drinking water or sewage service, there are no roads, and the houses are shacks made of mats, sticks, and wood. Those who are most affected by this situation are children and young people: the difficult economic situation of families does oftentimes not allow the students to study. Since 2017, a completely free Parish EducationalInstitution has been operating, providing free and quality education to the poorest children in the area. At the school, they receive all the supplies they need to attend their classes free of charge. Before returning home, they are also given breakfast, lunch, and a snack. The children are chosen from among the neediest and are often children who otherwise would not be able to study at all. Nonetheless, both the dining room and the kitchen currently operate in an old and dangerous environment. For instance, the roof has been moldy, and the electrical installations are improvised and dangerous.

Remodeling Kitchen and Dining Room

2 Months


Don Bosco

To support the school-going students with meals during the school days, the local partner proposes to provide an improved kitchen and dining room and thereby help the parish “Virgen de las Gracias” school. This way, the students can safely and hygienically eat their meals during school days.

The direct beneficiaries of this project are the current students at the school. As an addition, about 25 sick and elderly people from this region can also receive a daily meal as they can otherwise not afford food.

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