Cambodia, Battambang Province


Cambodia remains one of the few least developed countries globally, facing persistently high school dropout rates. However, there has been progress thanks to the efforts of Child’s Dream, a local implementing partner. Over the past two decades, they have played a significant role in constructing more than 400 schools in northern Cambodia’s remote areas of the Mekong Sub-Region.

Despite education being free in Cambodia, the education system faces persistent challenges. Schools in the country are chronically under-resourced, lacking the necessary funds and materials to provide quality education. Furthermore, parents often struggle financially, unable to afford sufficient stationery supplies for their children. These issues further hinder the educational opportunities available to Cambodian students.

The delivery event


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Project Type

Backpacks with school materials



1.250 €




Child’s Dream




To support the school-going students with essential yet crucial resources, the local partner provided students with a fully-packed backpack during their school’s opening ceremony. This way, the students can start successfully in their newly constructed school. 

A total of 250 backpack and stationery sets were purchased locally and distributed during the opening ceremony of the Khum Koh Chivaing Primary School. Each set includes a backpack, a notebook, a pen, and a pencil.