Madagascar, Morarano


Madagascar, a nation grappling with poverty and various challenges, experiences a notably low education rate. UNESCO reports that only about 35% of students have had the opportunity to attend school since 2020. The decline in enrollment rates has been evident since 2010, primarily attributed to inadequate infrastructure and the deterioration of existing facilities.

Gems of Madagascar has taken a significant step forward by constructing a brand-new school building within the complex. This new facility boasts a computer lab and library, offering students a promising chance for a brighter future. But, while parts of the school have been renovated, some sections remain in need of renovation and additional equipment to ensure a better quality education.

The delivery event

After construction

Project Type

Refreshing a school building



2.994 €




Gems of Madagascar


Private donor


The primary objective of the project is to replace all the wooden windows and doors at the Morarano school. This initiative holds significant importance as termites have severely damaged the existing woodwork or have become broken over time. Additionally, the project encompasses filling the school’s bookshelf with books and providing a printer for daily use.

The ultimate goal of these efforts is twofold: enhancing the security of the school premises and granting students access to a variety of books for reading. Moreover, the inclusion of a printer allows the school to conveniently print all necessary documents on-site. This marks a significant improvement from the previous situation, where students had to undertake a tiresome journey of approximately 15 kilometers from the village to obtain printouts.