Malawi, Chibwe


Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa with a diverse landscape, several substantial lakes, and a mostly tropical climate. More than 7 million Malawians over the age of 15 are illiterate, and over 70 percent of the population lives below the poverty line of $1.90 a day. Nearly half of all primary school-age children dropout before advancing to secondary school.

About 80 percent of Malawi’s population lives in rural areas, and the economy is heavily reliant on its agricultural industry which accounts for one-third of GDP and 80 percent of export revenues.

The village of Chibwe is a rural community located in the Kasungu region and has a population of about 2,340 people. Most community members are subsistence farmers who rear livestock and grow tobacco, groundnuts, beans, soya, and corn.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

3 classrooms and sanitation facilities


Construction Period:
July 2022- December 2022










Chibwe Primary School’s campus is home to almost 800 students, enrolled in the first through eighth grades. As a result of its impressive student population, the school, in collaboration with community members, aimed to facilitate an ample number of adequate classrooms for the school’s eight offered grade levels.

Initially, Chibwe Primary was operating out of five permanent classrooms and six temporary ones; a situation which left many students learning in disadvantaged spaces. Additionally, due to the state or the size of the temporary classrooms, many teachers, particularly those instructing the first and second grade levels, had to resort to holding classes under the trees. With the next nearest proper school 5 km walk over dry terrain, the community members of Chibwe were left with few options for their children.

Therefore, the construction project consisted on the building of 3 well equipped new classrooms and sanitation facilities to ensure an adequate learning environment for the children of Chibwe.