Mzimba, Malawi


Free Primary Education in Malawi was first introduced in 1994, under pressure following the first multi-party elections and the newly elected government. By providing free education to primary schools, the government anticipated an increase in access to education, elimination of inequalities in participation, and an overall understanding of the importance of education. Despite the attention education has gained worldwide in aiding development, Malawi is one of the many countries that has struggled to maintain good quality education. The government relies heavily on outside donor finances and resources, which have been shifted from other sectors in the country.

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Project Type

Furnishing Embombeni School



3.275 €








In 2022, CYD supported Embombeni Primary School to finalize the construction of an administration block. However, this project did not include support to furnish the administration block. Therefore, the project aimed to furnish the Embombeni Primary School administration block with furniture and accessories support the procurement of the following:  1 office table for the headteacher’s office, 1 office chair for the headteacher’s office, 4 visitor chairs for the headteacher’s office, 1 filing cabinet for the headteacher’s office, 6 tables for the staff room, 16 chairs for the staff room; shelving for the staff room, 4 tables for the library, 10 chairs for the library, shelving for the library, and curtains.

The project’s significance lies in its annual benefit to 500 individuals, encompassing students and faculty members. Notably, it has addressed essential needs by supplying furniture and resources for the primary school’s administration block, incorporating the headteacher’s office, staff room, and library. The installation of new furniture in these areas empowers the teachers who utilise them daily, enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Moreover, learners will also experience positive outcomes from the project, as they will gain access to a well-equipped staff room and library, thereby enhancing their overall learning experience.