Peru, Nuevo Chimbote


The district of Nuevo Chimbote is one of the nine that make up the province of Santa, located in the department of Ancash in Peru.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Peru hard, having major affectations in the coastal area as well as in the city of Chimbote. As a result, the school year was carried out remotely, with virtual classes and printed modules for students. It was  a challenge for the entire educational community: for the teachers, who were not trained or equipped to be able to conduct their classes in this way, but above all for the students and their families.

According to the Peruvian Institute of Economic (IPE) due to the paralysis of economic activities during the pandemic, poverty in Ancash increased from 17.5% in 2019 to 29.8% in 2020, with more than 145 thousand inhabitants of Ancash moving into poverty, the major figure since 2009. In turn, the economic challenges and unemployment generated during this year led to massive exodus of students from private to national or free schools. Thus, the school received a significant number of applications for admission and had to improve its infrastructure to meet the demand, not only in quantity but also in quality.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

Computer lab


Construction Period:


10,079.96 €


Don Bosco




The I.E.P. Virgen de las Gracias in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru, is a totally free primary school that currently provides education to more than 100 students in the area.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the children from the community where struggling on the different challenges that came within. For this reason, the project entailed to equip a computer lab with 1 router, 5 computers, 15 laptops and 1 speaker, so that the children at the I.E.P. Virgen de las Gracias primary school could be equipped with the necessary tools to improve their education and to maintain a high educational level, even after the coronavirus emergency.