Somalia, Puntland


Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Conflict, drought, and insecurity have forced hundreds of thousands of people to fleet heir homes in 2021 and are expected to remain key drivers of displacement in 2022. Of the people displaced this year, an estimated 214,000 (40%) are school-aged children. Concurrent shocks such as drought and floods adversely affect children’s learning. An estimated408,000 (45% girls) school-going children are affected by the ongoing drought conditions in the country. Similarly, the Gu floods in May 2021 closed most schools in semi-urban, affecting more than 46.000 learners.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

1 classroom and various school renovation activities


Construction Period:
November 2022- February 2023






Action Against Disasters Somalia (AADSOM)


Private Donor


This project plan includes a set of key activities to  improve  the  Siliga  Primary School in this region through  the replacement of  the  damaged  structure, the construction of  an  additional  classroom  to accommodate  newly  arrived  IDP  school-aged children along with a  boundary  wall  to enhance access to a safe and protected learning environment. Additionally, includes the establishment of a   Community   Education Committee  (CEC)  that  will  conduct  a  5-day capacity-building training on key topics to ensure broader lifesaving    impacts    of    education-related intervention and on emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction.