Preparing for the Next Planting Season – Update From Our Tree Nursery

Our implementing partner TuBosque runs its own tree nursery in Chiapas, Mexico and they have given us an update that makes us incredibly happy. They are currently preparing for the next planting season of an impressive number of 700.000 seedlings!

Quick recap, what exactly does TuBosque do? 

  1. Cultivating seedlings: Healthy seedlings are the basis for effective reforestation projects. They are grown in a tree nursery that provides the perfect conditions. Diversity is key, that’s why a broad variety of fruit trees, conifers, and shrubs are cultivated.
  2. Planting seedlings: Local farmers pick up the seedlings and plant them themselves, knowing exactly which trees are needed on their property and where. The terrain in the Chiapas region is often steep or difficult to access, making planting a major effort.
  3. Complementary activities: Activities such as building ponds to collect rainwater or planting flower beds that attract pollinators are also supported to complete the holistic approach. Moreover, workshops and free courses are provided to enhance both the farmers’ independence and the longevity of the project.

So rather than solely focusing on planting trees, the overall result for the environment and for the people who live there are prioritized. This is because the forest must regain ecological integrity to improve human well-being and thereby receive long-term protection.

For this reason, we look forward to continuing to support local Mexican communities through the expected large number of seedlings to be planted next year!