Project Update December

Hurray! We are happy to announce that 5 more projects have been initiated recently. Let’s take a look at them:

Sierra Leone

There is a nationwide legal requirement for children to attend at least six years of school. Unfortunately, this is made impossible due to a shortage of teachers and school infrastructure. Therefore, we are happy to share that this project will support the Junior Secondary School Barbara in the Port Loko District of Sierra Leone. The school’s existing structure is already in place, however, is about to collapse. Therefore, a new building is required. An interesting side note is that the existing school’s materials such as bricks will be recycled and re-utilized for the new building.


The next project is the Ban Tha Ta Fang School, located in the mountainous Mae Hong Son province in Thailand. The educational system in Thailand struggles with educational inequality and limited funding. Therefore, we are very happy to be able to support the school with its needs. Since the school is located in a truly remote area (14-25 km walking distance), students stay at the school during the week. This is why dormitories are crucial. However, the school has been hit by a severe storm, which destroyed much of the infrastructure. With this project, we support the school through the construction of dormitories, toilets, and a first aid room.


Following is the Santa Fe School in Honduras. Since Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America, many children cannot afford to go to school. Instead, they are forced to start working at an early age to support their families. The Santa Fe School has been severely impacted by a storm, which caused the destruction of the school facilities. This project is therefore aimed at remodeling one wing of the school, which holds 3 classrooms.


The next school project is located in Haiti, which has among the lowest education rates. The community school Ecole Nouvelle de Lac Azur I (ENLA) is a school with a population size thatkeeps growing. Therefore, the current space is not sufficient anymore. With this project, we support the construction of 4 additional classrooms.


Lastly, we are happy to share with you that learning happens at all ages. Therefore, we now also support an elderly home in Uganda. Due to the fast pace at which the Uganda population is growing, elderly people are oftentimes not considered enough in policymaking. In order to provide elderly people with a safe communal place, this project willsupport the construction of the first floor of the Uganda Older Persons’ Health and Community Centre. This includes not only the infrastructure but also health –– as well as extracurricular programs for the elderly.


Thank you once again to all amazing donors for supporting these projects!

What a great way to end the year! Are you intrigued by these projects? It’s not too late yet tosupport a project yourself. This is just a friendly reminder that our Christmas Campaign is stillrunning. Let’s find your perfect Christmas project together!