Project Update India, Lucknow

Great news: Our school project in India, Lucknow has finally taken shape. Over the course of almost 1,5 years, a completely new school building was realized.

Together with our Indian partner organization Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF), we are happy to announce that classes will be starting in the next couple of weeks as the last touches are being finalized!


The ground and first floor are now constructed, together with the playground which is in the final stages as well. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the local community members who have been engaged in the construction process and helped birthing our biggest project so far. Also a big thank you to our private donor who of course played a crucial role in making this a reality.


The Study Hall School will be a co-educational school, aiming to provide high-quality education to girls and boys from rural areas. The goal is to enroll and educate up to 300 children in the upcoming years, starting with grade 1 to 5, and gradually grow from there. Ideally, each class will have 30-35 children with multiple sections depending on the total number of students in each grade.