South Africa, Cape Town

South Africa, Cape Town

Democratic South Africa has made significant progress in improving access to universal education. However, education that leads to positive long-term educational outcomes is still seriously lacking. The local organization Molo Mhlaba would like to tackle this issue through its programs and projects.

Molo Mhlaba Montclair STEM Hub

3 Months


Molo Mhlaba

With this in mind, Molo Mhlaba would like to construct a STEM room/hub that will be dedicated to the provision of robotics, chemistry, astronomy, and computer coding. This space will be solely dedicated to being a maker-and-creator hub that will serve the 200 girls who will be attending the new campus, which is currently under construction. Moreover, it will serve an additional 500 learners through Molo Mhlaba’s outreach programs. As the first school in this area, Molo Mhlaba Montclair has the unique opportunity to catalyze change for the girls and children of the community by ensuring that the school serves as a hub for skills that will introduce children to the jobs of the future.

This site will service 700 direct beneficiaries but has the potential to accommodate more children. As an organization committed to servicing girls, Molo Mhlaba strongly advocates gender equality by ensuring that more girls have access to education. As a community organization, Molo Mhlaba employs women and youth from the community wile training youth volunteers to offer enrichment programs to children. This approach allows for long- term sustainability through strong community involvement in all programs.

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