Tanzania: A Festive School Opening in Lemooti

When the construction period of the Lemooti Primary School commenced in January, we were very much looking forward to the day of its Opening. And the day has come faster than expected. Only 7 months later, the school has opened its doors to offer high-quality school courses to 431 curious and inquisitive children.

It is a festive day, which was celebrated in a small circle because the current corona pandemic needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, the private donor himself could not come to Lemooti Village to attend the opening ceremony. Due to Covid-19, the trip to the school was postponed until next year. It will also be a great experience for the family to see the school in full operation.

The construction work generally went by very well. The planning of the construction was calculated precisely so that the school opening took place on time. And even better: 800 € of the budget could be saved and will be spent on school material such as books, pens, and eraser. This makes the school start for the children of Lemooti even easier as many families could not afford school material.

Lemooti Primary School is the only school in the village. Before the renovation and construction of new classrooms, the learning quality suffered from overcrowded classes. This made teaching very strenuous and learning almost impossible. The Lemooti community puts high value on education, and they commit themselves strongly to high educational goals.


We are thrilled to see these children grow to self-confident, lifelong learners that have a chance for a better future through a beautiful school building.