Thailand, Mae Hong Son Province

Thailand, Mae Hong Son Province

Ban Tha Ta Fang School is located in the mountainous Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand at the Thailand – Myanmar border. There are 145 students ranging from kindergarten to grade six with 16 teachers. Next year, the school will also start grade seven classes with more students. All students are Karen hill-tribe members. The school is situated next to a village with 800 people. Surrounded by the forest and mountains, the school is at one of the least accessible areas in Thailand, where commuting is extremely difficult and time-consuming. In order to reach the school from the nearest district center, road traveling by motorbike or car takes 2 – 3 hours.

School renovation to improve student safety & the purchase of 7 water tanks

1 Month


Mechai Foundation

Currently, the school has 2 buildings, one of which is the main school building. There is an uneven area of about 200 square meters between the building and the wall /fence. If the ground can be improved by making it even, it will be safer for students and teachers. Therefore, this project aims to support this school by clearing the ground and pouring cement to make the ground even in this area. Additionally, the school would like to buy seven water tanks to hold water reserves in the case when water is not running. Water is essential to the students’ and staff’s health and hygiene.

Beneficiaries will include 145 students, 16 teachers, and 800 villagers surrounding the school who will benefit from the use of the area for learning activities. Parents/villagers will help with material transportation, construction, usage monitoring, and sharing joint maintenance responsibility with the school.

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