The Doors of a Special School Project in Niger Open Soon!

Great News in Niger, Niamey! The construction of the Niamey School of the Deaf continued in September and is expected to be fully completed in the upcoming weeks. Perfect timing because the new school year starts soon in Niger.

This project is extraordinary because the Niamey School of the Deaf is a school for hearing-impaired children. Children with physical impairment have to face stigmatization and have fewer chances to succeed in the education system. In a country like Niger, where there is a general lack of school infrastructure, there are even fewer opportunities for children with special needs.

Therefore it is even more critical to support such schools. The Remember Niger Coalition reported that students who attended Niamey School’s Elementary School of the Deaf learn enough to even attend Secondary School. However, the Niamey School for the Deaf could not offer Secondary Education because there was a lack of school facilities. Consequently, children had to leave for other schools that might not meet their specific needs.

Luckily this will change soon with the new building, and 120 hearing-impaired children will have the possibility of Primary and Secondary Education at the Niamey School for the Deaf! We are very much looking forward to accompanying the students‘ educational journey in this outstanding school project. Thanks again to the private donor who made this possible. We will keep you posted!