The Unprecedented Education Emergency

Since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, an entire generation has their education disrupted. The world faces an educational crisis. At the beginning of April, 1.6 billion learners were out of school. We all were aware of this, but here is the bad news: an estimated number of 9.7 million children will probably never return to school.


In its latest report, the international aid organization Save the Children writes, “The poorest and most marginalized children are at risk especially from losing out on learning and not returning to the classroom.”.

The economic impact of the COVID19 crisis forces many children to support theirfamilies financially. Many children will be pushed into child labor, never returning to school. Girls will be severely affected by forced child marriage, child pregnancy, or gender-based violence.

With the school closures around the world, children lost their safe space. Because for many children in disadvantaged regions, school is not only a place to learn but a place where they receive meals, where they access healthcare, and where they meet their friends. Indeed, in times of a virus pandemic, safety for all people, and therefore, prevention in spreading the virus is a necessary precaution. However, children lose essential parts of their education because homeschooling does not work without necessary infrastructures like electricity and internet access. Dramatic future scenarios emerge: in Kenya, for example, where we built a school, the government decided to close schools until January 2021. That means almost a year without formal education for Kenyan children.

Now it is more important than ever to show solidarity and support holistic school projects taking into consideration the needs of the families. Our implementing partners on the ground are still working tirelessly to provide remote education and prepare schools for reopening. We must not stand by and watch more children drop out of school and have no opportunities to develop their skills through education.


Every school, every classroom, every computer room allows breaking the cycle of poverty and unmet potential. A school building for several hundred children costs around 50.000€ – an amount that is affordable for many companies. We support you with everything, from project selection to fundraising. Feel free to contact us anytime, and we will find a greatproject – together, we can do it.


Keep learning alive!

You can find more information in the latest report from the organization “Save the Children”. (