Travel Back in Time With Us to Our First School in Ata, Myanmar

The Ata School in Myanmar was the first school construction process we were involved in. The school was funded by Acronis, and it was implemented through the charity organisation Stiftunglife. Let’s walk through the history of our first school.

The school offers free education for pupils from kindergarten to grade 4. Children of five villages in the vicinity of Ata attend the school. The local architect Min Min started planning the new building, consisting of three classrooms for pupils in fourth grade, and toilets. He worked closely with Stiftunglife for the past ten years, and the construction process was helped along immensely by his experience. The whole construction took about four months.

On November 15th, 2017, the opening of the new building of Ata School was celebrated with a colorful ceremony. The communities of the five villages showed up in great numbers, and they promised to support the school as much as they can to guarantee their children a good education. Schoolchildren wore their official uniforms, balloons were flying in the sky, ox carts had been decorated for the occasion, and inspiring speeches were held after the inauguration on this beautiful day.

One year later, in 2018, the building was still in excellent condition. Each classroom was fully occupied with over 30 children. The pupils were pleased with the five computers we had donated in the course of the Opening Ceremony to encourage digitalization in the region. The electricity generated by the solar panels was more than enough for the school’s needs. The toilets were also in good condition, and there was running water despite the water shortage in the region. Children playing outside at the playground regularly filled the room with laughter and joy. They were used to the daily structure that provided them with learning possibilities and child-oriented breaks.

In 2019, a rainwater tank was built just next to the school. Great news, because a significant amount of water can be stored in this big tank. Unfortunately, the running water at the hand wash station did not work anymore when our implementing partner visited the school in June 2019. It seems like there is a problem with water pressure in the region. The community has already taken action to get this problem solved.

A new school principal is now in charge of Ata School. At the beginning of the school year 2019, the former school principal retired.

These are the central developments of the school for the last 2.5 years. Overall, the school dealt with problems that came up and evolved in a positive way. It is wonderful to see how united the community and the teachers stand behind this valuable school project. We will keep you updated about the upcoming news at Ata School!