„We Bring Change to the People There and Bring Also Hope.”

More than two years ago, after a hurricane had severely damaged one of the secondary school buildings of Morarano School in Madagascar, about 50 children had to leave the school because of overcrowding. Thanks to our donor and implementing partner a new school building was built which is even bigger than the old one.

Now we have received an update that make us incredibly happy: Now, two years after the rebuilding, the school and its students are thriving! The new construction made the surrounding village of Morarano much more attractive, and the school experienced a dramatic increase in the number of students as well as teachers. Another point of improvement is the overall student performance! The pass rate for the annual Malagasy national exam increased from 50% in 2019 to an incredible 96% in the last school year of 2021. According to the school district, this is the highest pass rate in the whole Betafo region. Chapeau!


„We bring change to the people there and bring also hope. Thanks for supporting us with the project. Together, we can change the lives of the children in Madagascar.” – Santantra Saturnin (Project Manager)


These amazing results are further proof of how impactful and important proper infrastructure and equipment is for overall student achievement. Right now, a computer lab is added to the existing facilities– thanks to our implementing partner Gems of Madagascar and our donors CBD-Sintrag AG and Acronis Cyber Foundation.