Why Collaborating On A Project Can Be So Beneficial For Companies

A perfect example of how enriching cooperation can look like


BCD-SINTRAG AG and the Acronis Cyber Foundation are jointly supporting the constructionof an additional school building that will provide space for a library and a computer lab in Abalafeno village, Madagascar. The improved facilities will create a better learning environment for about 450 children and will open up whole new possibilities!

We always encourage companies to join together to support a project.


Because there are many benefits that come with cooperation – a more obvious reason is the increase in resources and thus wider scope of action. Such a project can significantly strengthen the bond and is certainly a unique experience for both partners.

Partnership being the 17th official SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) highlights how crucial it is to work together and join forces for a sustainable and successful project:

“The SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation […]” (United Nations).

In other words: together we can move mountains!