Why Schools are also Important for Parents – Insights from Madagascar

In a single school you will find hundreds of life stories full of emotion, hardship, and adventure. The living conditions in the places where we build the schools are often very different from anything we know.

Today we want to give you a glimpse into such a life story and introduce you to a small family from Ambalafeno, Madagascar. In this small village, the renovation and extension of a school for 450 children started in March 2020. Fortunately, despite the worldwide pandemic, construction work was able to continue and much has already been achieved. We are approaching the opening of the school with big steps.

Sedera and Miandry will both attend the school in Ambalafeno. Their mother explains the difficulties that the family had to overcome because the old school was very far away. The newly renovated school in Ambalafeno will greatly improve the situation of the whole family.

“We, the parents of the students, are very happy to have this new school. Its proximity facilitates access to education. Our children will no longer need to study far away, which is a big burden for us, and on our financial situation. The children needed to sleep closer to the other school and the family budget had to be divided into two or even three because it is the parents who provide basic needs for the children who live far away from home. Now the family budget will not be divided into two or three.”

But not only the distance and the resulting costs are a big burden. The fear of the parents that something might happen to the children on the way of the nearby highway was just as disturbing as the fear that their children would be exposed to crime when sleeping far away from home.

“We will no longer need to be afraid about our children coming home from school with accidents that can occur on the NR34. In addition, the insecurity that occurs thinking of our young children concerning the house burglaries and other crimes finally disappears.”

This urgently needed school construction not only creates future opportunities for the children, but also brings the families back together. Sedera’s and Miandry’s mother concludes by saying:

“Our worries of insecurity decreases, our insecurity of budget will decrease. This is all because our children will always stay close to home and receive valuable education”.